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My Story

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Coaching has been part of what I do long before I formalised it through training. As a filmmaker and a teacher, my role is to hold the space and allow people to be comfortably creative, challenge existing perceptions, and help new confident voices emerge. 

I admit that when I first took a coach I was skeptical and wasn't sure it was for me. Having decided to try it out, I allowed myself to trust, let go, and see where this relationship can go, and what impact it can have on my life. Six years later, I find that my coach has helped me to find my voice again, build my confidence, identify old unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviours, and move forward, feeling happier than I've ever been.  

My approach to coaching is through storytelling, which is something we all do.

Some of these stories we share with others, some we keep to ourselves.

Some of them motivate and inspire us, others hold us back.


Noticing them, is the first step to trusting ourselves and progressing from where we are to where we want to be. It helps us find ourselves again, rid ourselves of unhelpful patterns, act authentically, with purpose, confidence and joy. 

As a coach, I bring my listening and directing skills alongside my experiences of running a business and raising a family.

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