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We are all storytellers!

Let's choose the stories that help us move




I work with individuals to support impactful change in their lives, whether in their personal, or their work life.

I have helped people progress at work, change roles or careers, and improve relationships with colleagues, partners, children and friends. 

I see coaching for 'business' or 'life' as one and the same. What stops us in one, is often present in the other. I don't believe that our 'work life' is really separate from our 'life' and what connects them is YOU. 


With my background in filmmaking and education, I have spent over a decade working with clients and students to develop new perspectives and narratives, finding creative ways to communicate them, and helping people identify their goals, and achieving their potential.

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HOw does it work?

My Approach

My approach to coaching is transpersonal - seeing our activities and behaviours in a wider context, and enabling you to gain a broader perspective of your situation. This way you are able to access your core - your values - and act in a way which is congruent with them.  

Our sessions will work through individually tailored open questions and reflections. The focus is on raising awareness, recognising patterns, and enabling new tools and techniques to emerge. You will then be able to implement and evolve from your newly acquired insight, and progress to achieve whatever it is you are aiming for, whether personal or work related.


You are the expert of your own life, of your own situation. With me, you will find a route-map which may have been hidden, by clouds of judgment, lack of self belief, or everyday pressures.

I am accredited by the EMCC at a practitioner level and follow their code of ethics.

What actually happens in a session?

During our sessions I will listen, non-judgementally, offering challenge and input to help you achieve clear insights, new perspectives, and doable action plans. You will feel engaged, motivated, supported and inspired.

How is it different from therapy?

Coaching offers a platform to help you bounce forward. Unlike therapy it doesn't deal with the past, but with ways to help you leap ahead from where you are. You will find yourself identifying patterns, creating insight, setting achievable goals and moving forward.

Where do sessions take place?

Coaching can be done face-to-face in London, or online. 

Can I try it first?

Yes! This is essential. Our first free exploratory session allows us get to know each other, and see how we can work together to help you move forward. You will be able to ask any questions you may have before you embark on this journey with me.


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I worked with Ruth at a time when I had many decisions to make on the next chapter of my life, which involved moving country, moving job, and family changes.


One of my aims was to achieve confidence in my decision-making, and working with Ruth allowed me to do this. Ruth offered me the opportunity and space to explore my thoughts and feelings, and her observations and, occasionally, challenges to my thinking, were always valid and provided clarity for me on my thoughts and behaviours.


Ruth has a wonderful ability to keep her eye on the complete person while also addressing very specific hurdles (and how the two interrelate). She practices trust, empathy, encouragement, active listening, and presence in her coach-coachee relationship. 


HM - Writer 

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